Victone Gaming Desk 44 Inch Computer Desk, T-Shaped Gaming Table Carbon Fibre Surface


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About this item

  • [Designed for Gaming] Victone gaming table is designed for people who love gaming, the side of the desktop close to the user is slightly concave, which enhances the curve of the desktop and brings you closer to the display, the black carbon fiber tabletop with tough line legs and customized logo will pull you from reality to the virtual game world.
  • [Robust & Stable Structure] Victone gaming table is mainly designed with T-shaped legs, using high-density coated steel frame plates as the main material, while ensuring the firmness and stability of the structure, it also improves the texture of the table legs. The combination of the fixed lever and the triangular stability principle further improves the stability of the table. This is an exquisite and sturdy game peripheral.
  • [Full Coverage Mouse Pad] The gaming table comes with a full-covering mouse pad. The front of the mouse pad has a soft texture and can be effectively waterproof. You don't have to worry about damaging other parts of the gaming table after the drink drops on the desktop. The back of the mouse pad has a rough texture, which can perfectly fit the carbon fiber desktop and protect the desktop from damage.
  • [Multifunctional Accessories] Victone gaming table contains many multi-functional accessories, such as a game handle holder, a water cup holder, and a headphone holder. There is a cable hole on each side of the desktop to organize the cables so that the game peripherals you need are at your fingertips. Just focus on the battlefield of the game!
  • [Adjustable Weight-Bearing Feet] Victone gaming desk is equipped with 4-foot pads that can be rotated within a certain range. Regardless of whether your floor is level or not, you only need to balance the gaming table by rotating the four footpads. The maximum weight is 260 pounds.

Designed for Gaming-Victone

Life is always created for people who know how to enjoy: Enjoy life, enjoy the experience of fusion of reality and virtuality during games.

Victone gaming desk series specially designed for users who enjoy games, structural design with distinctive gaming style, high quality while ensuring avant-garde design style and gaming elements.

This is for you, for people who love gaming.